Wednesday, October 2, 2019

hot news' coming up next December before the Awami League's 27th council.

Awami League general secretary and road transport and bridge minister Obaidul Quader said there was 'hot news' coming up next December before the Awami League's 27th council. And he told everyone to wait. The minister said this while answering a question to journalists during a briefing on a contemporary issue in the Secretariat on Wednesday. The general secretary of the party, Obaidul Quader, also said that the leaders of the transparent image will come to the party's 27th council. At that time, he said, hot news is coming, it will come. Hang tight, you'll get hot news. Asked what kind of hot news could be - Obaidul Quader said, when you get the news you will see. Having said that before, there will be no surprise…. Our organizational tour has begun. District Wari delegation conference will be held from September 25. '
Kader said, "There will be a conference of the expiring district-upazila committee earlier." Later the National Conference. The conference will be led by dedicated life workers. Those who have transparent images will come in important terms. Awami League president and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will not give place to the disputed committee. Obaidul Quader said, "The Prime Minister will talk about the conference of the organizations including the Jubo League. He will give guidance in this regard before going to India. Based on the performance, a new committee will be formed this time. Also those who have clean image and bright image will come to the Executive Committee. ' Responding to another question, he said, "Why haven't you written about extortionists, casino operators and moneylenders in the party?" Now we have opened the door to Abhay. Now you write. ' Journalists were invited to attend the briefing at the Secretariat, though they were scheduled to be present on Manik Mia Avenue after visiting the road safety program and BRTA's mobile court activities at 9pm. The Awami League general secretary spoke for about half an hour on contemporary issues. In the end, the journalists want to know - a hot news said at the beginning, they will tell when the time comes. What kind of hot news? Any hot news about the expedition? Any news about the emperor (Jubo League leader Ismail Hossain Chowdhury emperor)? What's his update? Asked about this, Obaidul Quader said, "I am saying, be patient, wait.

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