Wednesday, October 2, 2019

RAB Digi wants to serve as Imam's government service

RAB Director General Benazir Ahmed has proposed to bring the Imams and Muazzins of all mosques under the government pay structure. He believes that the fight against militancy will be 'easier'. RAB DG said this on Wednesday in a discussion titled 'Prevention of extremism and violent extremism through the empowerment of youth society'. Foreign Minister AK Abul Momen was present at the discussion organized by Bangladesh Enterprise Institute at the Lakeshore Hotel in Dhaka. Mentioning the need for the involvement of all in the fight against terrorism, Benazir said, "The imams did not say anything about the Jumr Khutbah against terrorism and drugs banned in Islam." We see they give political speeches. Imams want to do politics, but do not use the mosque. '
Commenting on the fact, despite many efforts, the Islamic leaders of Bangladesh could not be brought together to make a general statement against terrorism and extremism. Then it will be easy. Then we can do a lot. ' The head of the elite force also said that the government of Bangladesh has the power to pay Imam's salary, suggesting that there may be around one lakh mosques in the country. The government has taken a stand against militancy after the terrorist attack killed 20 people at the Holy Artizan restaurant in Gulshan. The RAB Director General claimed that militant groups were able to destroy all militant groups after the attack. "However, there is no chance of satisfaction," said Benazir. Unless global terrorism is eliminated, it is very difficult to eradicate it from Bangladesh. In this case, social media has emerged as a major challenge on the Internet.

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