Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Safuda issued arrest warrant

The tribunal has issued an arrest warrant against Sefatullah alias Sefuda in a case alleging contempt of the Holy Quran on Facebook and defamation of the prime minister. Judge of the Cyber ​​Crime Tribunal of Dhaka, Asmus Jaglul Hossain, issued the warrant on September 23, which was informed on Wednesday. Dhaka Lawyer Association lawyer Md. Alim Al-Rajee Jeevan made the case. On that day, the tribunal ordered the counter-terrorism unit to investigate.
After investigating the case on September 5, SI Perth Pritim, a counter-terrorism unit, filed a report against the accused accused Faibuda on Facebook Live alleging abuses of the Holy Scriptures and the Koran. On September 20, the judge ordered the warrant to be issued after the report was put into effect. According to the lawsuit filed by the Digital Security Act, on April 5 this year, the plaintiff found on social media Facebook that Vienna expatriate in Australia, Seifatullah alias Safuda, came live from his Facebook account and made derogatory remarks about the Holy Quran. Commented on the ugly and obscene comments. Which struck the religious jurisprudence of the Muslim jahan including the plaintiff. There has been a storm of protest as the live goes viral. In addition, the accused has similarly abused the vulgar, obscene, offensive and inappropriate language of the present government's Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, who has gone live on various occasions. He murdered Bangabandhu, the father of the nation, and there is no bad language including Kulangar who did not speak to him. It is reported that from the time he was a child, Sefuda was insane and his father's son-in-law. His father, Haji Ali Akbar, was declared a son-in-law 20 years ago. He is the son of the deceased Haji Ali Akbar of Ward Cheriyara village of No.1, Sukhipara North Union, Shahpurti Upazila of Chandpur. His father married three. Safuda's brothers and sisters are all over the place. Of them, the number of his brothers and sisters was eight. But he has nothing to do with anyone. Sefuda has one child in her family life. He lives in England. His wife lives in Dhaka. About 22 years ago, Safuda moved to Vienna, Austria.

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