Tuesday, October 1, 2019

The two arrested were being interrogated for custody, but the investigating officers of the case applied for interrogation on Monday, claiming that they were avoiding various references with 'cleverness', and the court also agreed. RAB arrested Lokman from his Manipuripara residence on September 23, a few days after receiving an illegal casino at Mohammedan Club in Motijheel. Four bottles of foreign liquor were seized from his home at that time. He was remanded to police custody for two days on September 27 after being given an illegal liquor case.
After two days of interrogation, the investigating officer of the case, Sub-Inspector of Tejgaon Police Station (SI) Muhammad Kamrul Islam, appeared before the court of Dhaka on Monday seeking five more days of custody. The remand application stated, "During the interrogation of the accused two days, it was learned that illegal liquor was sold at the casino in the Mohammedan Sporting Club under the control of the accused and the liquor was supplied in a variety of whiskey order." In interrogation, he cleverly avoids the matter. "But at one point, the defendant provided partial information about the sources of illegal liquor and whiskey from sources he controlled at the Mohammedan Sporting Club. "Therefore, if remanded on remand, it will be possible to collect and arrest the source of the illegal liquor whiskey collected at the casino at his operated club, the names of the other actual criminals involved in the crime."

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