Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Who does not want to see the party or the family

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said that the party and the KK family do not want to see the ongoing campaign against corruption and irregularities. The campaign will continue where corruption and irregularities are found. He said this in a private interview to Voice of America. The interview was conducted by Rokeya Haider, Head of the Bengali Department of Voice of America. There came the Rohingya crisis, contemporary issues including anti-corruption drive. Regarding the ongoing anti-corruption campaign, the Prime Minister said, "I do not want to see who my party is here, I do not want to see my relatives and family, I do not want to see if there are any rich people. Where there is irregularities and corruption, there will be an operation. '
The Prime Minister said, 'The common people are not corrupt. A handful of people commit corruption. Some have been made money by corruption, it is discriminating. I will take action against corruption. ' The Prime Minister feels there is a sick competition in the country now. It's a completely sick mentality. He said that future generations have to be protected from there. The Prime Minister said, "If the rate of mismanagement is increased in society, it becomes difficult for the people or their children who want to live their lives on the right path." To be honest, one has to go through some limitations. And with the money earned in dishonest ways, this brand - that brand, it - that, of course, can be shown. The result is that, in the struggle of a dishonest human being, the way of life is difficult for those who want to live honestly. ' The Prime Minister also spoke about the Rohingya crisis. In this regard, he said, "I understand the pain of having a refugee. So for humanitarian reasons we gave shelter to the Rohingya. I made them stay, eat, treat them. This problem is a problem in Myanmar. They should solve it. Taking back their citizens. '

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